Holy Week/Paschal Message From Fr. Peter

It is hard to believe that we are now in the midst of Holy Week!

I have been very pleased this year to observe the seriousness with which you, the faithful of this community, are walking on the path way of the Great Fast. Not only has attendance been greater at the various Lenten services, I see in the calm demeanor of so many of you the fruits of the three pillars of Lent at work in your lives, that of Prayer, Fasting and Good Works.

When we take the spiritual life more seriously and come to a better understanding of who we are, and where we are in our relationship with God, we gain the necessary insight to repent, that is to change, with the help of God, those things in our life which stand in our way of spiritual perfection. And when we honestly and openly confess our sins and ask the forgiveness of our family, co-workers and friends, a great burden is lifted from our shoulders and we begin to experience the abundant life that our Lord promises those who “seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.”

As Orthodox Christians, the way of the Cross, which we walk on during Holy Week is intimately linked to the joyful running of the Myrrh-bearing women from the empty tomb to proclaim to the world the Resurrection of our Savior. This means that the light of the Resurrection always illuminates the way of the Cross. Our Lenten and Holy Week Journey never takes place without the knowledge and hope of the Resurrection.

The practical application of this high theology of the Church is this: The crosses and struggles and difficulties we experience in life are opportunities for us to humble ourselves and purify our souls so that the light of the Resurrected Lord can shine in and through us. I urge you to use the remaining days of Holy Week to worthily prepare through participating in the Holy Mystery of Confession, if you have not already done so, so that you may partake of the Eucharist on Pascha.

I wish all of you a blessed celebration of Holy Week and a glorious light-filled Pascha.

Fr. Peter