Parish Revitalization Initiative

As discussed at our Annual Parish Meeting, we recognize that our parish and the Orthodox Church in general is up against great challenges as we move into 2018 and beyond. The Parish Council has discussed these challenges and opportunities over the past few months and decided it is now time to do a formal assessment and plan to propel our parish forward. A survey has been created to give an opportunity for all of our parishioners, young and old to raise your questions regarding our faith, and the programs and ministries of our parish. While the Orthodox Church is rooted in beautiful traditions and customs, we also understand that these traditions are often shrouded in mystery and it leaves us asking why we do what we do.

The purpose of this survey is to poll our parishioners and see what is on your mind. We hope, through education and other engaging programs, we can help advance our parish forward while raising interest within our youth. This survey is anonymous because we wish for you to truly express your thoughts and feelings with no reservation. The survey is structured so that there are several areas for you to record your answers. If you have questions that fall outside these areas, please feel free to still express them.

We ask that all parishioners and youth complete this survey and return to the Church by May 31, 2018. There will be collection boxes on the Candle Desk in Church and in the Church Hall. You may also return it via US. Mail.

We hope that this survey and will ultimately allow all of you and our youth included to get a greater understanding of the Orthodox faith. This is the first step toward a brighter future for our parish. Once the completed surveys have been received and reviewed, we will discuss results at an informal coffee hour gathering in the near future.     

Download Survey  (PDF Format)