Novembe 2016 Message From Father Peter

Dear Parishioners & Friends

Christ Is In Our Midst!

He Is And Ever Shall Be!

It is hard to believe that Autumn is here in its full glory and later this month, we will be gathering together with our families to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

In this month's edition of The Prophet I have chosen to highlight the venerable, saintly brothers in the flesh, Saints Cosmas and Damian of Asia Minor, whose feast day is celebrated on November 1/14.

These men are part of a category of saints known as wonderworkers and unmercenary (those who work without pay) physicians, whose sole purpose in life was to help heal the physical and spiritual illness of those to whom the Lord has brought to them. Their guiding principle was to follow strictly the Lord’s command: “Freely have you received, freely give.” (Mt. 10:8).

As you read their lives, I know you will be inspired by their beautiful example of submitting their lives totally to God and using the talents they were given to help others in the name of the Lord.

As I write this message a new icon is being created by Fr. Dimitrios Leussis of the Synaxis of Healing Saints and Wonderworkers, which will be installed on the south wall of the Church Nave, near the iconostasis. This icon will serve as a visible reminder that we are not alone in our struggles in life, especially the physical, spiritual and emotional illnesses that we all deal with to a greater or lesser degree.

May all of us, like Saints Cosmas and Damian and the other wonderworking and healing saints which will be depicted on the new icon, unselfishly share the gifts and talents God has given us with others. Then we will be instruments of healing in our very troubled world.

Fr. Peter