2017 Parish Christmas Outreach Project

This year our Annual Christmas Outreach Project will assist the needy of Stratford. It involves the following:

1. Providing personal care items for the needy of Stratford.

2. Preparing a Festive Christmas Dinner at the Lord's Kitchen on Wednesday Dec 20th.

3. Assisting a needy family in the Greater Stratford Community.

To participate, please select one or more items you would like to donate from the Online "Giving Tree" , With the exception of certain items of prepared food we are asking for cash donations of varying amounts to cover the personal care items which the Church has already bought in bulk at an incredible savings, the meal ingredients, and the family assistance.

Please make payment on Sundays at Church or mail checks payable to St. John The Baptist Orthodox Church, 1240 Broadbridge Avenue, Stratford, CT 06615. Attention: Christmas Outreach.

Please be generous. Contact Fr. Peter with any questions at priest@sjoc.org or 203-260-0423